A community of Licensed WEllness Professionals.

​Gateway Wellness Associates, LLC (GWA) was created in the spirit of marrying social work and entrepreneurial values -- NOT your everyday marriage!  The goal of this enterprise is to assist wellness professionals in the St. Louis area begin their own private practices while at the same time, encouraging provision of wellness services to the community at affordable rates.  By providing furnished offices in a beautiful setting while sharing resources, expertise and mentorships, we are able to keep the overhead and risk of starting your practice low.  We offer a discounted rental rate as well to encourage new members to "pay it forward" to the community when they offer at least half their sessions at a significantly reduced rate.  

Who can join?
Licensed and/or certified professionals in the areas of: 

  • Social Work
  • Counseling
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry
  • Art or Music Therapy
  • Health Coaches
  • Massage Therapists
  • Personal Trainers

Are you not one of these but think you would fit in?  It's worth asking!

What are the benefits of joining a co-op?

  • Low to zero overhead to start your business!  Our offices are furnished for you, so there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to furnish your 1st office before you even know if you can fill your caseload.
  • Office supplies included!  We provide paper, pens and tissues.  All you have to do is show up and see clients!
  • Shared marketing!  Included in your rent is inclusion on our website and other marketing materials.
  • Referral sharing!  Fill up faster thanks to the referrals of fellow associates.
  • Resource sharing! Don't spend money your own printer, ink and paper.  Save money by choosing a co-op membership level that includes printer privileges.
  • Want to start a small therapy group or give a workshop for 50 participants?  We have the perfect sized group room for whatever you want to do!  We have the space to dream big!
  • Don't grow alone!  One of the main reasons professionals fizzle out of private practice is the isolation. We have multiple opportunities for consultation, including voluntary clinical consult meetings, DBT teams, retreats, workshops, and networking events -- all the while you maintain your independence as a sole proprietor of your own practice!  Talk about best of both worlds!
  • Not sure how to start a practice?  Starting your own business can be daunting for anyone, but especially for wellness professionals who never took a business course in their lives!  Incorporation, accounting, insurance, taxes, liability, business licenses, billing, building a website . . . the list goes on, and none of it was covered in any clinical course we ever took!  Never fear, though!  We can help you navigate it and believe it or not, you can learn it and get your practice started in under a week. Part of membership includes a practice start-up checklist to help you get started!
  • Ongoing practice-building support.  Monthly practice-building workshops are included in your rent.  Additional individualized mentorship with our Founder and CEO is available for a nominal rate.

Want to know more? Click here for rental rates.