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What is biofeedback?
Biofeedback is an intervention used to train children, adolescents, and adults of any age.  Biofeedback is an effective treatment methodology to regulate the heart rate, skin conductance, and skin temperature. When our minds are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or depressed it shows in our body and can have serious health implications. In fact, our bodies are aware of the distress before our minds in many circumstances.  

Biofeedback works by helping a person to regulate their physiology.  Sensors are used to measure heart rate, skin conductance, and temperature.  Assessments and measures are used to track changes in these measures in times of stress versus periods of calm.  Each person’s physiology will respond differently to stress.  Treatment plans are individualized based on how your body reacts to stress.

Biofeedback works by showing the person how their body changes and is affected in times of stress.  Once a person can see their physiology, they can learn ways to regulate it outside of session.  For example, if you’ve ever put a heart monitor on, you know that by relaxing and breathing slowly you can bring your heart rate down.  Our body is an intuitive mechanism and once made aware of its’ reactions can regulate them.  

Regulating the physiology has significant impacts on improving the body and brains’ performance. As your body begins to regulate you will feel more calm and focused.  When you become more calm and focused you are better able to deal with the daily distress, process emotions, and feel a significant reduction of symptoms.​

Interested in talking to someone about whether you could benefit from biofeedback? Click here to learn more about our clinician, Stephanie Barkley, MA, LMFT, BCN, who offers this treatment.