A community of Licensed WEllness Professionals.

Our Mission

The mission of Gateway Wellness Associates, LLC is to foster the growth and development of wellness professionals in private practice so that they may better serve the St. Louis community.

Our Values 

The foundational values include the ethical and evidence-based practice of a variety of wellness arts, provision of professional and affordable services to the community, fostering of self-leadership and independence in helping professionals, and encouragement of entrepreneurship among wellness professionals. 

The Win-Win-Win Model

Our business model seeks to be a win for established wellness professionals in private practice, new business owners and, most importantly, the clients we serve in the greater St. Louis area.

  • Established wellness professionals in private practice can move their practice affordably to a class A, centrally located building or open a satellite office.  By sharing the space with hourly renters, they save on rent and benefit from the therapeutic community.  Most private practice burnout comes from professional isolation.  At GWA, you have as much community or as much independence as you seek.  Our voluntary consultation meetings provide plenty of clinical connection and networking opportunities.
  • Wellness professionals in a variety of professions (licensed social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, massage therapists, personal trainers, dietitians, health coaches, job coaches, etc) are provided an incubator space that includes furniture and basic supplies necessary to start your business relatively stress-free.  By keeping the initial investment low, you can get your practice off the ground faster.  Think about it - you don't have to save up for furniture or risk taking on a full-time office space and the big rent check that goes along with it. You can start a practice in less than a week and begin with just 5 hours a week, building in more hours as you need them. You can keep your full-time job while making extra money and trying out private practice in the most safe and supported way possible!  Our coaches can give you everything you need to get started and even walk you through the process!  The cooperative model also means we share referrals, expertise, and resources.
  • GWA offers renters deep discounts in rent when they agree to provide at least 50% of their sessions to the underserved in our community. By providing low-cost services we can bring high-quality care to those most in need.  All of our clients benefit from our central location and beautifully serene environment.  By diversifying our association and including a variety of wellness professions, clients can receive multiple services in one space.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a relaxing cranial massage or aromatherapy session after a tough course of grief therapy?  Or self-defense lessons in conjunction with your trauma therapy?
Wellness Therapy Cooperative St. Louis