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Stephanie Barkley, MA, LMFT, BCN
Owner and Founder, Stephanie Barkley, LLC

Specializations: Relationship issues within couples and families, ADHD, Anxiety,

Depression, Substance Abuse​
Treatment Modalities: Solution-Oriented Family Therapy, Systemic Perspective,

Neurofeedback, and Biofeedback​
Fee for Therapy Session: $120 per session 
Fee for Neurofeedback Assessment and Analysis:
Accepted Insurance Plans: Out-of-Network

About Stephanie's Practice:

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a board certified neurotherapist (BCN). I use a systemic view of the person to address the problem from multiple perspectives and gain a better understanding of the whole person. Neurotherapy provides insight into how a person views their world and where problems arise within the individual.  Whereas marriage and family therapy provides contextual information and how problems emerge within relationships.  The combination of neurotherapy and systemic therapy is often used to enhance mindfulness of the client’s physiology and address relational issues.  

I work with a diverse range of clients. My overall goal in therapy is to help clients improve their well-being through self-awareness, emotional regulation, and breaking unhealthy patterns.  I am dedicated to continuing education in order to best serve my clients. 

Certification and Training:
BCIA Board Certified Neurotherapist​

Contact Stephanie:

[p] 314.325.2774

[e] sbarkley.lmft@gmail.com