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Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-informed yoga is a gentle way to reconnect with your body after years of toxic stress, trauma, addiction, or even a single incident of trauma. Using ancient methods of mind/body/breath connection combined with modern trauma theory and treatment, trauma-informed yoga aims to realign the systems of self, so that life can be experienced in new and adaptive ways. 

Life is full of struggles. As these struggles add up, your mind and body compensate to survive and keep moving forward. Over time, this can lead to disconnection with what your body is experiencing, as well as, optimal functioning of the mind. Symptoms associated with PTSD and other mental health diagnoses can emerge, along with possible physical health difficulties. Often times, people just get used to living with unnecessary pain, numbness, isolation and feelings of poor self-worth. However, life can be more safe, rewarding, clear, beautiful and fulfilling. With conscious attention to selection of postures, modifications, breathing exercises, props, environment, and verbal instructions, trauma-informed yoga provides a safe and effective way to begin (re)building the foundation to a new way of living- a more aligned mind and body. 

Trauma-informed yoga sessions can include instruction in breathing, moving, strengthening, stretching and resting. Trauma-informed yoga can be done individually or in groups. It can be used as a standalone method of healing when appropriate, or as a complimentary treatment with other evidence-based therapeutic modalities. If you are experiencing extreme symptoms of physical or mental discomfort, consult your doctor or mental health clinician before beginning trauma-informed yoga. Trauma-informed yoga teachers must have all credentials necessary for their locale, and should never practice outside of their expertise.  

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