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Contract TherapistSt. Louis DBT, LLC

Specializations: Abuse & trauma recovery – domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood abuse all types, PTSD, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, dissociative disorders, suicidal ideation,self-harm, & human trafficking
Treatment Modalities: Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),Prolonged Exposure and Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
Fee Scale: Sliding scale
Accepted Insurance Plans: Out-of-Network and Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare

About Amanda's Practice:

Recovery from trauma can seem like a daunting prospect. Many people assume there must be something wrong with them since they are still experiencing distress, but the good news is that your reactions often make a lot of sense, and symptoms of PTSD are some of the most treatable issues in mental health today. If you experience intense anxiety, unwanted negative thoughts, panic attacks, low self-esteem, nightmares, sleep issues or spend a lot of time avoiding memories or past places, I can help. In therapy, my goal is to teach you how trauma works so that you can understand your trauma responses and not just assume automatically “there must be something wrong with me.” Then I match my training and knowledge of empirically sound treatments to you as an individual and use these strategies to work towards decreasing your “gut” reactions to triggers and change negative core beliefs. I am honored to listen to your deepest anxieties and admire the tremendous courage it takes to change.

Certification and Training:
DBT training
CBT training
EMDR, Level II
Certified RAD self-defense instructor

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