Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

St. Louis DBT, A full-service and fully-adherent DBT program is housed within Gateway Wellness Associates.

DBT treatment helps create a live worth living and a life worth loving

Full DBT typically consists of individual therapy sessions, DBT skills groups, and between-session coaching calls.  DBT skills are taught in a class-like setting.  There are 4 distinct skill sets (see below) taught in 6 week modules, totaling 24 weeks of treatment (Family, couples and advanced curriculums vary.  Please see our website for details.)



Mindfulness practice allows us to improve focus and center the mind.  Many emotional problems can be caused or exacerbated by the mind drawing on pain from the past or projecting pain of the present into the future.  Mindfulness helps us pull our attention back to this moment, so that problems are more manageable, rather than compounded.  Through mindfulness, we can handle one problem at a time.

Distress Tolerance Skills -- An Example

Distress Tolerance

Life comes with stress.  Engaging in avoidance behaviors like overeating, using drugs and alcohol, self-injury, or impulsive habits like shopping, unsafe sex, and compulsive gambling, can feel good in the moment but usually make a problem worse in the long run.  This set of skills helps us tolerate the pain of our life's problems so we don't engage in behaviors that make things worse.

emotion regulation skills

Emotion Regulation

Emotions are like waves of the ocean.  They rise and receded.  They are sometimes high and sometimes low.  Trying to control emotions can often be like standing in front of a tidal wave and screaming "STOP!"  Regulating emotions is like learning to be a master surfer.  We learn to revere, respect, and roll with emotions.  We learn to skillfully ride on top of them, letting them propel us rather than pummel us.

Interpersonal effectiveness skills

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Being able to effectively ask for needs to be met and the ability to set and observe boundaries with others are important skills for maintaining healthy relationships.  This set of skills gives us the opportunity to practice saying no or asking for things while also preserving self-respect and respect for others.


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