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Building Blocks of Private Practice: Marketing and Networking

  • University Tower, 2nd floor conference room 1034 S Brentwood Blvd 63117 (map)
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Can an introvert learn to like networking?

Can a social worker self-promote ethically?

Can a counselor market to the masses?

Can a wellness professional build a business based on strengths and integrity?


Most wellness professionals are amazing at caring for others and encourage others to share their best selves, their strengths and good qualities, with the world. But when is the last time you heard a social worker toot her own horn by telling you about all the lives she helped pull out of poverty? How many counselors do you know of who can willingly (without blushing) talk about the countless people who have stopped engaging in self-destructive behaviors because of the assistance he provided? For many of us, it is not in our nature to self-promote, but with networking and marketing being all about self-promotion, how do we uphold both our values of humility and worth? This can be done!

This month, we will be talking about ways to communicate your professional value while preserving your personal values. So, wether you are an introvert, extrovert or something in between, together we will explore the best marketing plan for YOU.


  • Let's tackle the "Imposter Syndrome" once and for all by defining what it means to be an expert

  • Choose a niche or area of expertise to market that you are comfortable with

  • Create a professional summary and personal statement of your values and your practice to use in marketing materials and networking events

  • Begin to create a business and marketing plan that acts as a powerful intention rather than a stagnant or stuffy document

  • Create a network right out of the gate amongst fellow students by practicing networking techniques together

  • Develop a basic understanding of the many marketing avenues available today for people in private practice (including social media marketing, creating a web presence, workshopping, media contributions, online directories, and more) -- this will only provide a sort of preview of a more in-depth topic covered in July's Building Blocks Workshop -- 21st Century Marketing: Using Social Media to Get Your Message Out

Building Blocks of Private Practice Series

Throughout this AND other trainings in the Building Blocks of Private Practice Series, learn about all the things they did not teach you in grad school like: 


$50 Early Bird Ticket purchased at least 1 month prior to event, includes 3 CEUs

$60 General Admission within 1 month of event, includes 3 CEUs

$40 Student Ticket, must have valid student ID at registration, no CEUs included

$30 Current Gateway Wellness Associates renter, 3 CEUS included, use your promo code to unlock the ticket. If don't know what the code is, request code via email ONLY current renters with Gateway should request or use the code for their own ticket. The discount is not transferable as it is a benefit of renting with us.


Casey Limmer, MSW, LCSW Owner and CEO, Gateway Wellness Associates and St. Louis DBT, LLC

Casey has owned her own successful private practice since 2012 following a long career in non-profit community mental health settings. Her practice now employs or contracts over 15 therapy professionals and served nearly 300 clients this year alone. She has managed clinical teams, developed fully funded social programing, taught clinical courses at Washington University in St. Louis and -- perhaps her most unique qualification for presenting this workshop -- has contributed to her parent's book, Understanding Business, the #1 business textbook in the country for well over 25 years. Not many social workers get a 24/7 infusion of business knowledge throughout their lives. Casey brings her unique experiences, her discoveries about the remarkable similarities between being an effective therapist and being a successful entrepreneur, and her highly engaging teaching style together to help wellness professionals of all sorts find their inner business titan.


Anyone who is thinking of starting a private practice or who has started a practice and needs a bit more guidance or support to make it the successful and self-sustaining business of their dreams. This program will be just as useful for a graduate student wanting to plan for a career in private practice in the future as it is for professionals in private practice that need help defining the practice, building it up further, or creating a stronger business plan -- and everyone in between!