Krystal Schuette, MA, LPC

Owner and Founder, Midwest Trauma Recovery Center

Specializations: PTSD, Trauma, Complex Trauma, Grief, Complex Grief

Treatment Modalities: T-CBT, EMDR, Exposure Therapy

Fee Scale: $125.00 per session, scholarships available

Accepted Insurance Plans: Out of Network Benefits, Aetna Health Insurance, call to see if your health plan is accepted. Many clients are eligible to use Victim Compensation funds to cover costs of therapy. Contact Krystal to find out if you qualify.

I opened the doors of Midwest Trauma Recovery Center to help people move beyond return to basic functioning and move toward living the life they were created to live, leaving behind the lasting effects of past or recent trauma. I have spent my entire career working with trauma, researching trauma, studying trauma, learning new techniques and modalities which may help with healing. I have found that grief can take on an overwhelming quality similar to trauma. I utilize all evidence based treatment modalities for recovery in order to meet you where you are in your recovery. In addition to using T-CBT, EMDR and Exposure Therapy, I also utilize other treatment modalities in order to assist you on your journey. Other modalities include: DBT, Hypnosis, NLP, Self-Compassion, SRT, Brain-Spotting, Meditation, CBT, and Mindfulness.

I have worked with first responder trauma, veterans and those with survivor guilt. I have worked with childhood and adult sexual abuse, rape, male survivors of sexual abuse, childhood physical abuse, childhood verbal\emotional abuse, childhood neglect, domestic violence, and family violence. I have worked with home invasions, neighborhood violence, prison violence, assault and witness to a crime or assault. There is nothing I haven’t heard and now you are no longer alone. The purpose of trauma therapy is be set free.

Contact Krystal:  

[p] 314.384.9748