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Sandra A. Shachar, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

Owner and Founder, Sandra A. Shachar, PhD, Licensed Psychologist 

Specializations:  I see couples (and “multiples” in poly-amorous relationships) and individuals with general relationship concerns and those dealing with addictions, particularly sex addiction. I also work with issues of depression, anxiety, grief, blended families, difficult parents, adult children or families, divorce and couples recovery.

Treatment Modalities: My approach to relationship counseling is heavily influenced by Imago and Gottman Therapies. In all counseling I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness Practice to examine internal thoughts and belief systems. When indicated I refer out to GWA and other colleagues for specialized treatment such as EMDR or DBT for trauma and anger/affect regulation, and for medication or supportive therapies such as massage and body work.

Fee Scale: First session for individuals: $225 for 55 minutes.  Follow up session for individuals: $185 for 45 minutes. Couples Sessions: $375 for 90 minutes. Payment by credit card is required 24 hours in advance for all first appointments. For credit card charges, an $8.00 fee is charged for processing fee. For follow up sessions, cash or check payments are accepted with no additional fee.

Accepted Insurance Plans:  Out of Network on all insurance plans; clients pay me in full and I can submit claims to your insurance to seek reimbursement for you based on your Out of Network benefits.

About Sandra’s Practice:

We human beings are fascinatingly complicated, so our feelings and behavior are often frustrating and baffling to those who love us - and sometimes even to ourselves!  When understood, however, feelings and behavior always make sense.  My goal is to help clients more deeply understand themselves and their loved ones with compassion and without judgement (or at least with less judgement and more awareness, since the tendency to judge others is also human!)

I use “Imago Dialogue/Safe Conversations” developed by Drs. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, and other proven relationship tools such as those developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman among other professionals - including Esther Perel, author of Mating In Captivity and State of Affairs - from whom I have been privileged to learn from over the past 30 years.  I view relationships with self and others as an ongoing Mindfulness Practice, and I teach clients mindfulness concepts for relationships and how to apply them.  I use Addiction Recovery and 12 Step Program concepts as they apply to issues my clients present.  Thus, I offer my clients a wide variety of tools that work to deepen intimacy, communication and connection in all their relationships.  I am solution-focused and only use in counseling what I have found to be of benefit personally.  

After more than six decades of life including marriage, parenting, divorce, remarriage, blended families, addiction and recovery, losses, grand parenting and more,  I can relate to much of what my clients share, and I offer my experience, tools, concepts and hope for greater harmony in relationships and serenity within!  

Certification and Training: 

PhD in Counseling Psychology, University of Texas at Austin, 1973-79, with emphasis on Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Menninger Marriage and Family Therapy Institute, 1988-1991

Gottman Couples Therapy, Level I, 2010,  and ongoing online training 

Collaborative Divorce Coaching and Mediation (2012 & 2017)

Mindfulness Practice and ongoing training since 2000

Contact Sandra:  [p] 314.440.5433  [e] sandrashachar@gmail.com [w] www.drsandrashachar.com