Stephanie Barkley, MA, LMFT

Owner and FounderCollaborative Counseling and Neurotherapy

Specializations: Relationship issues, Couple & Marital conflict, Family conflict, Depression & Anxiety
Treatment Modalities: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Neurofeedback, & Biofeedback
Fee Scale: $150 per session
Accepted Insurance Plans: Aetna & Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

About Stephanie's Practice:

Stephanie is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist and a Board Certified Neurotherapist. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Saint Louis University, her Master of Arts in Counseling and Family Therapy from Saint Louis University and she is a doctoral candidate also at SLU in their Medical Family Therapy program.

Stephanie has focused her career and education on her training in family therapy and neurofeedback therapy (also know as brain biofeedback, brain EEG, and neurotherapy). The combination of neurotherapy and relational therapy resonate with her beliefs about how problems develop in our lives and how we can get unstuck. Neurotherapy provides insight into how a person views their world and what patterns within the brain are creating a sense of feeling stuck. Whereas marriage and family therapy provide contextual information to understand the person as a whole within their social system. She believes couples and family therapy provide a space to improve and use relationships that provide support and strength. Relationships can be powerful sources of strength and changes for individuals. Enhancing relationships provides a long-lasting source of support that will maintain the effects of therapy after the therapeutic and client relationship has ended. The combination of neurotherapy and systemic therapy is often used to enhance mindfulness of the client’s physiology and address relational issues. 

Stephanie recognizes that therapy can be a difficult process and hopes to make this process more comfortable. She works to provide a safe and comfortable space for clients to be themselves and explore where they are feeling stuck. Within this comfortable space is where she hopes to challenge clients to make changes in their life. She works with the client to set goals that they would like to work towards. As a therapist, her goal is often to help clients improve their ability to connect with others in their lives, improve their well-being through self-awareness, emotional regulation and ability to process, and break unhealthy patterns that are holding clients back.

Stephanie enjoys working with her clients and appreciates the opportunity to be a part of their journey and learn from them. As her clients continue to learn and change, Stephanie also works hard to continue to educate herself in this field and utilize the current research in her clinical practice.

Certification and Training:
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

BCIA Board Certified Neurotherapist

Contact Stephanie:

P- 314.325.2774