Gateway Wellness Associates

A cooperative space for professionals dedicated to health and wellness


Looking for office space and community?

Looking for wellness services or a therapist?

Our Mission is to Serve, Share, and Grow

At Gateway Wellness Associates, we strive to bring together and support wellness professionals with a variety of specialities and services — individual counseling, family therapy, group skills classes, health coaching, physical and holistic wellness. At GWA, we have space for clinicians to grow their businesses, alongside many others. Thus our overall philosophy is that we are “many leaves but one tree”. Together, we share business expenses and referrals, encourage one another, and benefit from the expertise of other professionals.  Ultimately, the goal is that our clients and patients benefit from that expert collaboration, cooperation and resource sharing.

By providing top notch wellness services to the community

Our Wellness Professionals specialize in helping people find solutions to their problems. We have dietitians, health coaches, trauma specialists, play therapists,and mental health counselors.

by sharing resources, we keep costs down and pass savings onto clients

Our association runs on a co-op model where associates share and rent furnished therapy office spaces by the hour, lowering overhead, which makes starting or maintaining a practice easy and affordable. 

By offering professional trainings and business coaching

We offer periodic trainings in evidence-based treatment modalities as well as private practice building courses. We also host networking and consultation events for community professionals.