Activity 21: How do you measure your worth?


This is not meant to be an existential question.  I want real numbers here folks!

•What investments have you made into your product (YOU)? List the costs of marketing you've already done, investments you've made into the business, etc.

•What skills, training, certification do you have that the local bartender does not? List the costs of trainings, schooling, supervision, licensure, etc.

•Are you only working for a client while they are sitting in front of you? List the amount of time spent on admin tasks and preparation for clients.

•What other expenses come with taking a client?  Try to list specific costs if you know them.

•What are your direct expenses that your clients are able to take advantage of?  Think about your office space, handouts, therapy toys, conveniences, etc.

•What are your practice goals and financial  goals?

•What are the "Market Forces" = local rate range for your degree and specialty?

•What is your Timeline?

•Now, the existential question -- What is your Perceived Value?

Casey Limmer