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Young Adults DBT Skills Group

The DBT for Young Adults Skills Group is intended for young adults ages 17-26 who are in some way struggling with the transition from adolescence to young adulthood. We recognize that making this transition is no small feat. Finding ways to regulate emotional ups and downs is essential for success in university and work settings, but can be challenging to do on your own. We also recognize that the combination of emotional sensitivity, social vulnerability and changes in performance expectations can lead to intensified anxiety and depression.

You may find that you no longer have the resources available to you that you had in high school. If you leave a class to go to the counselor’s office or don’t show up because you don’t feel like going, you may end up failing the class. If you try to deal with your relationship problems on the job, you might end up getting fired.

Participants in our group may be struggling with some of the following:

  • Experiencing roller coaster relationships
  • Finding it difficult to balance coursework and a social life
  • Feeling overwhelmed by emotions followed by numbing out
  • Struggling with thoughts of suicide, impulses to engage in risky behavior, or a desire to drop out of school, work, or life

We want to provide techniques for navigating this phase of life successfully. In this weekly, 120 minute skills group, participants learn how to stay present in the moment, get through stressful situations without making them worse, regulate strong emotions, and heal and maintain relationships effectively.

Weekly sessions $45-50 each.  Participants must come in for assessment and goal setting prior to starting group.  Contact St. Louis DBT for more info or to sign up.

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