Activity 12: CEO Time

CEO Time

Successful people work on their business not just in their business.  Yes, you are an awesome social worker, counselor, coach, nurse, whatever.  But you are also a CEO.  Let that sink in for a moment.  YOU ARE A CEO.  A Chief Executive Officer.  You are a Founder.  You are an Owner.  You are President, Commander-in-Chief, Top Dog, the Big Cheese of YOUR company. Are you making time in your schedule for what arguably, is a very important role?

Make a pie chart of your "on-the-job" time.  Are CEO tasks like marketing, networking, budgeting, purchasing, researching, balancing the books, and managing your brand getting any time during your work week?  If the CEO piece of the pie is looking pretty skimpy, work on carving out a little more this week and making that a habit.  Start with marking a single hour on your calendar.  Your client for that hour is your business.  Give it your full attention as you would an actual client.

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