Activity 16: Develop Your Attitude of Abundance


It's time to work on "Thinking Green".  No, I am NOT talking about the environment and I am NOT talking about focusing on money.  I am talking about focusing your thoughts on LIVE energy -- things like connections, people, service, opportunities, growth, and potential.  When we focus our business goals only on money, we make decisions out of fear -- fear of not having enough, fear of shortage, anxiety that no one will pay us our worth.  When we focus on the abundance of live energy, we make energetic and proactive decisions. 

We want to move away from a scarcity mentality.  With that mindset, we think in terms of "zero-sum".  For instance "There are only so many people in St. Louis that can pay for mental health services.  There are plenty of people already in the field, so there is no room in the market for me."  

On the other hand, an attitude of abundance is about having enough to share.  It is about a transaction, rather than a sale.  So, rather than "taking money from a client", an attitude of abundance focuses on the connections made and trade of service for compensation, it focuses us on the abundance of people who could benefit from what we have to offer.

So, instead of asking yourself, "Where will I find enough people willing to pay me $80 per session so I can quit my job?"  Ask yourself, "Where will I find people who could use my services (i.e. help with coping with high anxiety or trauma, relief from depression and self-hatred)?"  Do you get different answers to those questions?  Does one energize you while the other depletes and confuses?

This week, work on answering these abundance questions.  Try meditating on your answers or the abundance statements below for 5 minutes to see what answers you come up with.  Reflect on any attitude or energy shifts you experience.

Abundance Questions:

  • What sort of client do I connect best with?
  • In what ways do clients grow through working with me?
  • How do the many people who could use my services find me?
  • What sort of opportunities can I look for while growing my business?
  • What is the potential I would like to achieve?

Abundance Thoughts

  • Appreciation -- when we can appreciate the work of others in our field and the accomplishments they have achieved, we are in that attitude of abundance.  Think about someone who has achieved something akin to what you aspire to.  What do you appreciate about what they have done or are doing?
  • Repeat -- There is plenty of everyone.  There is ore than enough.
  • See the opportunity in the obstacle -- identify your current obstacles.  Choose to see the opportunity for growth, learning or connection.
  • Gratitude -- what are you grateful for in regard to your job, work life, or practice?
  • Give it away -- Give away some of what you have.  No I'm not talking about taking a vow of poverty.  I mean think about your services and all those golden nuggets you have collected over the years.  Imagine offering a free seminar or workshop giving away your most helpful tips.  Now imagine the flow of referrals coming your way after that talk.
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