Activity 17: You ARE an Expert


Last week, my daughter's second grade classroom hosted an "Expert Fair".  Each child had spent the last month researching a topic, writing a book on the topic and creating a presentation poster.  That day I met a Pokemon expert, a Minecraft expert, an expert in Big Boy trains, race cars, chess, bears, and even a self-proclaimed "haircut expert".  My daughter, the bears AND wolves expert, let everyone know that should one encounter a bear and a wolf fighting in the woods, one should first hide, then take a video, then run silently away.

Quinn Limmer, Bear and Wolf Expert

Quinn Limmer, Bear and Wolf Expert

After the fair, I spoke with another parent present.  She works at the Endangered wolf sanctuary.  I asked her if she ever had the opportunity to see a wolf and bear fight in the wild.  Surprisingly, her answer was yes!  She said it's actually rather common.  When she saw it occur, she hid, took a video, and quietly escaped.

Well, what do you know?!?! My daughter actually is a bear and wolf expert.  That leads to the question -- what makes one an expert?  Your task is to answer that question.  Define expert.  How do you fit that definition?  What are you an expert in?  List it all -- even if it's haircuts!  :)

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