Activity 19: Know your Numbers!


According and, counseling and social work careers are the LEAST paid jobs requiring a Master’s Degree

Wellness professionals in private practice are far less likely to be able to describe their business, state their fees, and report their earnings, assets, and losses than any other small business owner

Low fee-setting kills our market and contributes to a belief that counseling or wellness services should be next to free

When you value yourself more, clients value you more, AND clients then value themselves more.

Let's start this journey to financial success by getting an idea of your current numbers.  Do you know:

  • How much does your practice earn each month? (If you are not in practice yet, do you know what you are billing/collecting at your job)
  • What do you spend and where does it go?
  • How often do you discount your fee?
  • Are you carrying unpaid balances from clients?
  • Does your practice show a profit or operate at a loss?
  • Do you save money for retirement?
  • Do feel secure or insecure financially?
  • Is this where you thought you would be, money-wise, at this point in your career?”


Casey LimmerComment